United World Wrestling Experience (from Instagram: @francorulloda)

Took a few days for everything to sink in. It was one of the more tasking endeavors I’ve ever done so far in my life. Drained me physically, emotionally and mentally. To be honest, I don’t know how we were able to endure it all.

Three days. Three events. Three Medals. .

We were there at the venue the whole day. Waiting anxiously for our turn at the mat. The atmosphere was intense and the pressure was on all the time even on the sidelines. We were sent there to make a point. To make a stand and show what Filipinos are made of. .

If we were pushovers in other sports – not on this one. Not this time. Not in combat sports.

Halfway through the body grows tired. Training takes over and your mind tells you “not yet. you got more!” – so you push forward. You keep pushing until your opponents quit. You push until your hands are raised.

I will look back at this photo years from now and remember the stories shared and the moments that only a few of us will understand. .

We’re not yet done though. We’re still coming after you 🤙


working on the weak sides

whati do to be better

exposing yourself to yourself has been an introspective journey I’ve been going through in my martial arts journey. being self aware has been crucial in my improvement as a student and as a coach.

knowing my limitations and weaknesses has allowed me to be more accepting of mt realities. this often leads to that extra push / motivation needed in order for me to spend more time working on them.

it is always easier to have excuses not to work on your weak sides. working on them requires a mind set that starts as humbling and ends as empowering.

i fight the urge to make excuses. it is a constant battle… I’m glad I’m winning so far 🙂

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Cafe Enye eastwood (food post)

A good stare at this wide bowl is in order as light bounces of the olive oil herb infused dish. Properly seasoned and sauteed the best they could.

Tender shrimps (not those gummy bear types you eat at other joints), that pop with every bite. Addicting until the last piece. Fight the urge to have another one, a main course is in order here — Gambas at Cafe Enye

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Cafe Enye eastwood (food post)

As the plate is lowered, our scrutinous eyes dissect this vessel of crispy swine in our midst. Meat is tender, portions are heavenly, just the right amount of fat lines, crispy crackling top layer skin — a MUST with this kind of dish.

Our love affair with porky chunks are satisfied. Cooked just right, no oily after taste and the enye rice is the best dancer for this one. — Pork Pancheta at Cafe Enye.

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Banana Leaf Curry Makati (food post)

Noodles and bean sprouts bathing in a lush coco creamy soupy mash up. The ensemble has a hearty mix of squid, shrimp and clams. Needless to say this bowl of seafood goodness was a welcoming tone to other dishes we ordered.

Served hot and yummy. Be ready to slurp it all down. Personally, had they made it spicy, would’ve been a step next to perfection. — Malay seafood laksa from Banana Leaf Curry.

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